Monday, December 14, 2015

Marketing For Plastic Surgeons Enhanced With TV Exposure, Online Publicity

Effective marketing can help plastic surgeons get on TV News and Talk Shows, build and improve their online marketing and attract more patients.
By Gary Grasso, Director
Doctor's PR & Marketing

Doctors on TV
You must have either a unique story, insight into a certain procedure or technique, or the creativity to make a compelling story:

Eye Candy
Talking heads are out. Great visuals are in. Use  photos, B-roll (background video), demonstrations, even animations to paint a vivid visual picture.

Doctors PR client appears on The Doctors show
Doctors PR client on "The Doctors" show. Click image to view.
A plastic surgeon should appear energetic and accessible, yet professional on camera. He or she must be well-versed in the particular subject and provide information to viewers in a way that is understandable and compelling. Informative talking points are essential.

Online Marketing and Public Relations
More than ever, online PR is an essential component of a plastic surgeon’s winning marketing strategy. Online is where most everything happens, from your website and blog to press releases, original video, Instagram, Facebook and “recycled” media coverage, which can keep your previous TV appperances and media stories working indefinitely 24 hours a day. "By creating and promoting the right mix of online information we can establish highly visible multi-media sources to inform, educate and refer new patient inquiries to a plastic surgery practice," says Grasso. "Multiple first-page Google search placements of articles, blogs, press releases and video can dominate search results using multiple search terms. With the right strategies quality content will appear and remain in first-page search results for months or years."

Blogs are one of the most under-utilized and misused marketing assets in many practices. They should be used as an important news source and communication tool to reach prospective patients. Blog articles must be newsworthy rather than just a random series of updates. Use the power of  a blog to educate, inform and attract patients, and even to help attract media inquiries.

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