Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Medical Marketing and Public Relations: DoctorsPR Meeting Doctors In San Francisco June 29-30

Gary Grasso, Director of DoctorsPR Medical Marketing is meeting with prospective physician clients in the San Francisco Bay Area on June 29 & 30, 2016.  Doctor's P.R. represents physicians and medical device companies across the country.

“We’ll be consulting with prospective new clients to identify ways in which we can assist in practice marketing, online PR and business development,” says Grasso. Doctors and companies who are interested may schedule a meeting by emailing Gary Grasso at ggrasso@doctorspr.com or by calling DoctorsPR Medical Marketing at 626.698.2213.

“DoctorsPR is a leader in medical marketing and publicity with over twenty years of placing stories and interviews on television news and talk shows across the country," says Grasso. “We have worked with many of the most highly regarded doctors and medical device companies in the country and we have placed clients in multiple stories and interviews on top tier national television including The Doctors, Good Morning America, The Dr. Oz Show, Oprah, Inside Edition, E! Channel, The View, CNN, the TODAY show, CBS Evening News and many others."

"DoctorsPR also creates and conducts online marketing strategies designed to provide the public with useful information on a full range of health and medical related topics,” says Grasso. “We believe that this program is one of the most important aspects of marketing. Quality information combined with strategic use of social media and online marketing helps our clients to dominate search results in the most important and relevant categories.”

“For example, DoctorsPR has gained and maintains multiple first page search results with clients showing under multiple search terms have achieved four, five and more articles on the first page of Google searches, creating a powerful and dominant ‘expert source’ position for doctors practicing in a variety of specialties including dermatology, dentistry, orthopedic surgery, plastic surgery, internal medicine, cardiology and many others. We also recycle TV and online news coverage we have placed."

For more information on public relations and marketing for doctors, medical devices and related products, contact Gary Grasso, Director via email at ggrasso@doctorspr.com or visit www.doctorspr.com

About DoctorsPR
With over twenty years' experience in placing health and medical stories in the news, on leading national shows and online, DoctorsPR is uniquely positioned to build business and promote public awareness for clients. DoctorsPR also specializes in publicity and product launches for medical devices by combining effective media relations with the publication and promotion of blogs, quality online content and targeted press releases. Medical device clients have included Syneron, ESC Medical, BodyJet, Tickle Lipo, Contour ThreadLift and many others.

DoctorsPR builds client's visibility on organic search and social media by producing and promoting quality content and press releases. This combination of broadcast media exposure and online marketing provides a powerful tool for practice development and business growth.

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