Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Marin County Doctor Introduces Neck Lift For Skin Tightening While Improving Skin Texture

Dr. Karron Power says the new non-surgical neck lift offered at PowerMD is a specialized laser treatment which offer the dual benefits of tightening the skin while improving skin texture and tone for best results.

“Sagging skin on the neck can now be treated with a new technique that not only provides skin tightening but also improves the texture and tone of the skin, all in the same treatment,” says Dr. Karron Power, medical director of PowerMD in Marin County.

Dr. Karron Power discusses a new fix for a double chin
on ABC 7 News, San Francisco
"A sagging neckline can make anyone look years older and tired, and is one of three major “markers of aging” on the face which also include drooping eyelids and loss of facial volume," says Dr. Power. "In the past, a lower facelift was the only effective way to tighten the neckline, requiring incisions and recovery time, but now this effective non-surgical treatment is available to Bay Area residents who don't want or need plastic surgery."

“The treatment is done using the Claro2, an advanced laser that tightens skin more effectively than intense pulsed light (IPL) or other types of lasers,” says Dr. Power. "And unlike other laser treatments, this treatment also addresses the skin's texture, tone and appearance. The result is a sleeker neckline with tighter, firmer skin that looks younger and refreshed."

“We can also build up the definition of a person’s jawline using Sculptra, an injectable treatment that promotes rejuvenation of facial volume,” says Dr. Power.

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