Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Dr. Karron Power Shows Double Chin Injection on KGO 7 News San Francisco

Can you erase a double chin without surgery? Dr. Karron Power is scheduled to appear on KGO 7 News, Wednesday, July 8th to show how injectable treatments can get rid of a double chin by dissolving small areas of unwanted fat. Dr. Power also discusses Kybella, a new injectable treatment recently approved by the FDA for use under the chin. The story is scheduled to run in the 6:00 pm news hour. 

Dr. Power, the medical director of PowerMD in Marin County, CA now offers “The Double Chin Eraser” which uses a compounded formula which she says has an effect similar to that of Kybella. The KGO news story shows Dr. Power administering the Double Chin Eraser treatment to a female patient.

Dr. Karron Power discusses Kybella and other double chin treatments on ABC News"Kybella is similar to the deoxycholic acid that is produced in the body," says Dr. Power. "Deoxycholic acid helps the body to absorb fats. When injected into tissue deoyxholic acid destroys targeted fat cells.”  Dr. Power says the treatment's benefits, risks and alternatives are discussed with each patient.

 “The Double Chin Eraser injectable treatment is effective for dissolving small amounts of unwanted fat,” says Dr. Power. “Some patients may also benefit from a specialized laser treatment
which can help to tighten the skin,” she says.

 Dr. Karron L. Power MD, MPH is the founder and medical director of PowerMD, with over 20 years of medical education, research and practice in medical aesthetics, anti-aging, regenerative, and restorative medicine. Website: www.PowerMD.com

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