Monday, July 2, 2012

Dr. R. Laurence Berkowitz: Rhinoplasty In San Jose Area Gets Easier

Campbell, CA - Dr. R. Laurence Berkowitz says highly refined instruments and techniques are reducing the downtime of primary and revision rhinoplasty. "The nose is the most prominent feature of the face, so even small changes can greatly alter a person's appearance. Each week I see several patients who are seeking to reshape his or her nose,” says Dr. Berkowitz, who has performed more than a thousand rhinoplasties.

Before-After Revision Rhinoplasty by Dr. Berkowitz.
The patient's nose was left leaning to one side from a
previous procedure done by a different doctor.

“There are few procedures that compare to the power of a well-performed nose job,” he says. “Most plastic surgeons will agree that the nose is the most challenging part of the body to work on and achieve an aesthetically pleasing result,” says Dr. Berkowitz. “The procedure requires an intimate understanding of complex anatomy and physiology. Obtaining good results in this operation requires sound training in a plastic surgery or ear nose and throat residency, a commitment to constant self evaluation and criticism and years of practice.”

"Most of the time, an open approach is now used with fiber optic lighting, magnification and greatly refined instrumentation, says Dr. Berkowitz."

“Even so, to achieve the results idealized by Hollywood many people have come to expect it is not unusual for a patient to require a secondary or touch-up procedure.,” says Dr. Berkowitz. “Fortunately, down time has been reduced from what was once as long as 6 weeks to only a week for recovery.  Rhinoplasties are done as an outpatient procedure under general or local anesthesia with sedation.”

Dr. Berkowitz says “Whether a person is having a rhinoplasty for the first time or when seeking a revision, success often depends on educating oneself and finding the right surgeon.” 

“The results of a rhinoplasty depend on many factors including the original deformity, the expertise of the surgeon, the skin type, the postoperative care and the patient's expectations,” says Dr. Berkowitz.

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