Thursday, July 5, 2012

P.R. Agency Shows Doctors How To Get On Dr. Oz, The Doctors, Etc.

National T.V. shows and news programs are excellent sources to educate the public about medical treatments, new medical devices and health & beauty products, says Gary Grasso, Director of Doctor’s P.R. & Medical News. But to be on the The Doctors, The Dr. Oz Show, the TODAY Show, Good Morning America, CBS News, CNN or Fox News to name a few requires preparation, a good story, preferably with great visuals and the ability to respond quickly to producer’s requests, he says.

Gary Grasso & client at The Doctors show
“Let’s say a physician is performing a new treatment or procedure and wishes to educate and inform the public. Or a doctor may have an opinion on a recently released medical study or a new medical device that he or she would like to share,” says Grasso. “After working in the medical public relations field for eighteen years, we know that almost every client dreams of making an appearance on national T.V. Just one good interview or story can inform millions of people about a procedure or product. But most people don’t realize that the national shows set high standards for stories and the guests who are invited to appear,” says Grasso.

“Since television is a visual medium, producers look for ways to illustrate a story, which usually includes “b-roll” (background video), animation, patient or doctor interviews and medical images,” says Grasso. “And don’t forget, the messenger is very important. A doctor or other professional must be well prepared and should be a reasonably good communicator. Producers, like everyone else appreciate an attractive guest but the most important qualities are in-depth knowledge of the subject to be featured, an engaging personality and the ability to explain complex medical issues in plain English,” says Grasso.

The story is everything.
“Most importantly, a story with strong human interest can increase the chances for landing placements on national T.V. shows,” says Grasso. “For example, how has a person been helped with a new type of surgery which ended years of back pain? Or how does a new device effectively reduce cellulite for a woman, after she’s tried everything else? How are people benefiting from a new drug or new uses for devices or drugs that have been in use for other purposes? When we can combine medical science and technology with fulfilling a need and then show the story of someone who is benefiting from a related treatment, procedure or product, we truly have a complete story that deserves to be told,” says Grasso.

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With over eighteen years' experience in placing doctors on T.V., Doctor's P.R. is uniquely positioned to build public awareness for physicians in all fields of medicine. Doctor’s P.R. also specializes in placing news coverage on medical devices and medical related products by combining effective media relations with the publication and promotion of blogs, quality online content and targeted press releases. Clients have appeared on The Doctors, Good Morning America, The Dr. Oz Show, the Today Show, CBS Evening news, Oprah and many more national and local news & information shows.
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