Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Stem Cell Face Lift As Seen On Fox 11 News Los Angeles: Does It Work?

Dr. Richard Ellenbogen, a leading Beverly Hills plastic surgeon says facial fat grafting can do everything claimed for so-called “stem cell face lifts”. “Patients should be wary of marketing claims without scientific evidence,” he says.

Dr. Ellenbogen's patient before & after facial fat grafting.
"Stem cell face lifts have received lots of media attention, but has anyone really looked into the claims being made for their success?” asks Dr. Ellenbogen. “The extraction of stem cells is a tedious process which requires extra equipment and time in the operating room which increases the cost of the procedure,” he says. “In  evaluating the results of 25 stem cell face lifts I have performed, I detected no additional benefits over straight fat grafting on follow-ups done four months post-op. I believe that fat grafting delivers the desired results at a lower cost.”

“Most doctors who are performing stem cell face lifts are harvesting fat, spinning it in a centrifuge then injecting it into the face, which is basically fat transfer,” says Dr. Ellenbogen. “Whatever stem cells are present come along."

Dr. Ellenbogen says he performs fat grafting on many of his face lift patients to address both of the major causes of facial aging: sagging and deflation. The sagging is corrected by the face lift, and the fat that has been lost with age is replaced to create the most natural and realistically youthful look possible.

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