Friday, April 26, 2013

Medical Practice Public Relations Gets A Boost With Online Content

By Gary Grasso Director, Doctor's P.R. & Medical News

Strong online visibility is vital for physicians in private practice. Achieving first page Google search results and similar success with other search engines is an accomplishment in itself which requires research and analysis, quality writing and effective headline composition, but that’s just the beginning.  While some articles and press releases gain a temporary first page presence, most will move down in rankings as days or weeks go by, or will simply drop off quickly. The real value in online search results lies in gaining and maintaining a first page position, based on multiple search terms.

Strategic placement of quality medical content can result in a strong search presence in the most important and relevant topics for a medical practice.  In 2012, only 15% of consumers surveyed said they did not use the Internet to find a business in their local area. This means that 85% of people use the Internet for local searches. source: SearchEngineLand, 2012

This is not about SEO for doctor's websites, but rather about building a multilayered package of text and visual content to leverage a physician's online presence which will also multiply the results of even the best designed and optimized website. This is about creating many ways for people to find what they’re looking for, which will show up in online search even where your website doesn’t appear. It's all about providing valuable information and telling multiple stories about your practice and your services, and having this quality content linking back to your website.

Depending on the topic, search phrases and geographic location a search phrase might return 75,000 results, a million results or more. So how can we increase the chances that once a first page presence is accomplished, it will remain long-term? More importantly, how can physicians see their online presence rise to a higher level with multiple first and second page results?

Research + Strategic Planning + Quality Content = A Strong Online Presence

We can take a physician’s online exposure to the next level with a strategy which includes the creation and placement of informative online press releases, bylined articles and original video, all emphasizing quality content.
Doctor's P.R. has achieved 5 of the first 6 first-page search results for
"spinal fusion San Francisco" with a mix of video, blogs & press releases.

For example, Doctor’s P.R. has built and maintains first page placement for a leading spine surgeon with results showing under multiple search terms. We have achieved four, five and more results on the first page of online searches for this client, which has built a powerful and dominant “expert source” for people searching for a qualified spine surgeon and information on spinal fusion, spinal stenosis, spinal disc replacement and related topics,” says Grasso. We also produce original video, online articles and links to television appearances and news stories in which we have placed the client.

These are some of the strategies which are achieving high visibility for doctors in virtually all fields including plastic and cosmetic surgery, cardiology, spinal surgery, anti-aging medicine and sports medicine.

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