Saturday, November 12, 2011

Dr. Stephen Pincus Says "Forget Overdone Lips" - Cheekbones Are In

Forget the overdone lips: now it's all about the cheekbone. Women are taking another look at their faces, having injections of synthetic fillers or fat to shape, plump and restructure the cheeks. Many consider high, sculpted cheekbones to be one of the most beautiful aspects of a female face.

Beverly Hills facial plastic surgeon Dr. Stephen Pincus says that women are interested in more than just erasing the lines and wrinkles.  Now they want to get the as much of the effects of a cosmetic procedure possible without having the actual surgery. And the cheekbones have become a focal point for beauty as more young celebrities seem to be endowed (either naturally or with a little help) with prominent, glorious cheekbones.

In addition to the traditional markers of aging - sagging eyelids or a droopy neckline, for example - which are routinely "fixed", people are now learning that the cheek areas, which tend to diminish in volume with age can be rejuvenated to create a more attractive look. Younger women who are not blessed with high, dramatic cheekbones want to get the look they see displayed by models and actresses.

The procedure involves one or two injections around the cheekbone area, either through the face or, as some cosmetic specialists practice, through the mouth. The area is anesthetized so there is minimal discomfort. It rarely takes longer than 20 minutes, and though there might be some short-term redness, the effects are almost immediate. No recovery time is needed, according to Dr. Pincus.

Among the more popular fillers are Restylane and Radiesse. Sculptra tends to be pricier but does last longer, says Dr. Pincus. Side effects can include occasional redness, swelling and discomfort around the injected area, and in cases where the injection is done through the mouth, doctors say there is also a chance of infection. The patient's own fat, "harvested" from another area of the body, also can be used.

"High cheekbones give the face an inverted pyramid shape that's very attractive," says Dr. Pincus. "It's a matter of accentuating certain proportions for the best look. Because of the success of using fillers  cheek implants may become a thing of the past - they're  more expensive, permanent and require major surgery. And who needs that, when you can look fabulous in twenty minutes?

Media inquiries: Gary Grasso, Director, Doctor's P.R.

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