Tuesday, November 6, 2012

San Jose, CA - Breast Reconstruction Technique Restores Natural Contours

Dr. R. Laurence Berkowitz, a board certified Campbell, CA plastic sugeon says a new breast reconstruction technique uses fat taken from other areas of a woman's body to restore not just the shape of the breasts after cancer surgery, but their natural texture as well.

Dr. Berkowitz' patient, Regan had a difficult decision to make when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Regan wanted to have the best chance of preventing the cancer from recurring, so she decided to undergo a double mastectomy rather than having a lumpectomy. She says that her decision was made easier by an emerging breast reconstruction technique that could greatly improve the appearance of her reconstructed breasts.

After Regan had her mastectomy, Dr. Berkowitz placed silicone implants underneath her muscle tissue, as is usually done. Dr. Berkowitz says that the implants can restore the basic shape of the breasts, but they don’t replace the natural texture and contours of the lost breast tissue. The new technique addresses this with fat transfer to the breasts.

Dr. Berkowitz describes how the fat transfer technique is done in this story
on KGO 7 News - San Francisco:

Dr. Berkowitz says the fat is “harvested” from another part of the woman’s body, often from the abdomen in a process similar to liposuction. The fat is then processed, then placed using a special syringe in tiny droplets in the desired areas. “The smaller volume injections of fat increase the ability of the fat cells to remain in place and stay viable,” says Dr. Berkowitz.  “We are able to model the shape of the reconstructed breast. The fat makes the skin softer and more attactive, and since blood vessels and nerves will grow into it, some sensation may be restored.” Dr. Berkowitz says that patients can often have a nipple saving procedure through a hidden incision, with breast contours restored through a combination of breast implants and fat transfer which has been unachievable before development of the fat transfer technique. He says that recovery time is often faster as well, usually about 10 days.

Using the new technique, a woman’s breasts can often be restored to her pre-surgical contours, says Dr. Berkowitz.

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