Tuesday, August 7, 2012

New Skin Tightening Procedure Now Available Without Surgery - San Francisco

The new Thermage CPT procedure is an effective, non-surgical way to tighten, lift and smooth the skin of the body and face, according to Dr. Sheena Kong.

Thermage CPT uses radio frequency (RF) to safely deliver heat into the deeper layers of the skin, stimulating and tightening existing collagen and activating new collagen growth. The result is tighter, smoother and younger looking skin. "Thermage CPT is the latest version of the Thermage procedure. "CPT stands for 'Comfort Pulse Technology'. This provides effective skin rejuvenation with more predictable results, says Dr. Kong."

The Thermage CPT procedure can tighten, contour & lift the face, neck, eyelids abdomen, thighs and other problem areas, says Dr. Kong. "It is effective to tighten, lift, and smooth the skin of the abdomen, which is often lax after pregnancy and weight loss. The new device provides better results with more patient comfort than previous Thermage treatments, and there is no down time required after a treatment. Patients may return to their normal activities," says Dr. Kong. 

A color blind skin treatment:
Unlike lasers which can burn darker skin types,, Thermage CPT is safe for people of all skin types and color and can be done even on tanned skin. 

Usually, just one treatment is required per area treated. For some patients, more than one treatment session is required to achieve optimal results. Immediate subtle tightening is seen after treatment but results continue to improve for the next six months. During the first month, contraction of collagen and elastic tissue will begin to create firmer looking skin. New collagen and elastic tissue will continue to form, causing further gradual improvement.

Dr. Sheena Kong Laser Spa is located in San Francisco.
For more information visit www.sanfranciscocamedspa.net or call 415-483-9736.

Dr Sheena Kong is specialized in many cosmetic procedures. She offers Thermage CPT, Fraxel laser resurfacing, Smartlipo laser liposuction, laser facial, Clear + Brilliant, laser hair removal, laser vein removal, IPL, Botox and Juvederm injections in her office. She has been recognized with a Blue Diamond award for her commitment to laser cosmetic treatments.

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