Thursday, June 14, 2012

NeoGraft Orlando - Dr. Roger Bassin Says High-Tech Hair Transplants Work

Melbourne, FL - When "Dave" first noticed his hair starting to thin, he decided to do something about it before it became worse. He consulted with Dr. Roger Bassin and decided to have the NeoGraft procedure. NeoGraft is a new device that uses gentle air pressure to "harvest" individual hairs and implant hair in thinning areas. Dr. Roger Bassin is among the first group of doctors in the U.S. to perform the NeoGraft  hair restoration.  He says the results are natural-looking, with consistent hair growth.

The NeoGraft  has a small hand piece with a tiny tube which is placed over hair follicles. The device then employs gentle reverse air pressure to harvest hairs, and positive air pressure to transplant the hairs in thinning areas. Since the device can be used to harvest hairs in a random pattern, there is no huge scar left in the back of the head as in the conventional “strip” method of hair transplants in which a large section of the scalp is surgically removed and dissected to separate the hair follicles. Dr. Bassin is featured in this story on Fox News in Orlando:

"The NeoGraft can be used on people with virtually all degrees of hair loss in a minimally invasive procedure," says Dr. Bassin. "This method provides results which are natural looking, so the hair can be worn as short as desired," he says.

According to Dr. Bassin, This procedure also opens the door for many who were not good hair transplant candidates in the past. "The NeoGraft has changed the way hair restoration is done,” says Dr. Bassin. “Most people don’t want to undergo the “strip” method anymore, with the long incision, the more painful postoperative period and potential scarring.”

Dr. Roger Bassin's offices are located in Orlando, Melbourne and Tampa, FL.

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