Thursday, May 17, 2012

PR For Doctors - Combining Online Content With TV Appearances

Physicians who wish to educate, inform and attract potential patients must gain meaningful media exposure and have a robust online  presence, according to Doctor's P.R. director Gary Grasso. “It’s surprising to see how many physicians, including those who have well-developed websites do not have a strong presence in online search and article placement. Informative, original content is critical to achieve and to maintain online visibility and relevance,” says Grasso.

“An online marketing strategy designed to provide the public with useful information on a full range of  topics related to the physician's services and procedures is essential,” says Grasso. “We believe that this program is one of the most important aspects of conducting PR for doctors. “The combination of quality content and strategic placement of information can result in domination of search results in the most important and relevant topics.”

“For example, Doctor’s P.R. has gained and maintains Google first page placement for physician clients, with results showing prominently under multiple search terms. We have achieved four, five and more results on the first page of Google searches, which builds a powerful and dominant 'expert source' position. We also combine articles from news coverage we have placed, accompanied by video from television news stories or TV show appearances in which we have placed clients.”

Doctor's P.R. has specialized in the medical field since 1994. Clients nationwide have appeared on hundreds of local television news and morning shows as well as top-tier national T.V. programs including "The Doctors", "TODAY", "The Dr. Oz Show", "Good Morning America", "Oprah", "The CBS Early Show" and many more.

Doctor's P.R. works with clients to compose and publicize original content for websites, blogs, press releases and articles covering all fields of medicine, healthcare and related topics. "We are achieving high visibility in topics ranging from innovations in cosmetic surgery to cardiology, spinal surgery, anti-aging medicine, sports medicine and more,"says Grasso.

Doctor’s P.R. conducted an online marketing strategy for a physician offering the VASER Shape, a non-surgical body contouring device. “By using blogs, press releases and video in a coordinated program, we gained eight placements on the first page of online searches under multiple search terms
including body contouring, non-surgical body contouring, body shaping and more,” says Grasso. “We emphasize quality, useful information rather than promotional “advertising type” copy, and that makes a huge difference in online search results and positioning."

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