Monday, April 30, 2012

Man Who Lost Hair Young Has New NeoGraft Treatment

Philadelphia, PA - Dr. Paul Glat says a young man has had success with the NeoGraft automated hair transplant after having a conventional "strip" method hair transplant when he was only 23.

Matt, now 33 is an actor and massage therapist. He had his first hair restoration done while in his early 20's because of premature hair loss (800 grafts were done back then) and has had progressive hair loss since then.Matt says that he didn't relish the idea of another big scar in the back of his head, so he was excited about Neograft when he learned that the results are natural-looking and the procedure doesn't leave a large scar like the strip method..

NeoGraft is the first FDA approved automated hair transplant device.  Hairs are harvested without leaving a large linear scar, making the procedure ideal for women as well as men. Plastic surgeon Dr. Glat is the first physician in Philadelphia to provide the NeoGraft hair transplant procedure. Hair follicles are gently lifted out of the scalp with a tiny instrument and gentle suction, and then placed into bald or thinning areas with reverse air pressure. The results are so remarkably natural- looking that many of the first patients are doctors themselves.

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