Monday, April 30, 2012

Dr. Paul Glat Says The Exilis Device Does Fat Reduction In Stubborn Areas

Philadelphia, PA - Plastic surgeon  Dr. Paul Glat is the among the first physicians in the U.S. to provide Exilis non-surgical body contouring. “The treatments use a combination of ultrasound & radio waves, and it can literally take inches off your waist, tummy and thighs without surgery,” says Dr. Glat.

"Fat cells are difficult to reach without surgery, says Dr. Glat. Fat is stored in the body in “lobules”, or clusters, similar to a bunch of grapes.  These fat cell lobules are wrapped in a fibrous tissue that holds them together. The tissue makes it virtually impossible to reach the fatty clusters without a liposuction cannula—until now.

As part of the process, mechanical waves help to separate the fat cell clusters into individual units. The exposed cells are then more accessible and responsive to treatment. High frequency energy causes targeted deep thermal heating, the fat cells shrink and the fat volume is reduced.

The “Exilis” is a new approach to non-surgical body contouring.  It’s an FDA approved device that uses a combination of radio frequency energy and ultrasonic energy, available for the first time in the U.S. Treatments can take inches off the waist, abdomen  thighs and other body areas, and can reach the stubborn, deeper fat layers which have been difficult to reduce with other non-surgical treatments. Patients with small areas of excess fat as well as those who are affected by cellulite and wrinkling in specific body regions can achieve significant improvement with a series of Exilis treatments, according to Dr. Glat. Since there is no surgery involved, no recovery time is required.

Most people will require about 4 treatment sessions to reach their goals, says Dr. Glat. The desired body areas are targeted in a series of treatments that usually take 30 to 45 minutes or less.

About Dr. Paul Glat
Dr. Paul M. Glat is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.  He has also been honored as one of America's Top Doctors by Castle Connolly, a leading healthcare firm that selects the top 1 percent of medical specialists in the country based on peer review.

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