Thursday, February 9, 2012

Dr. Kenneth Light Says Failed Back Surgery, Failed Spinal Fusion Can Be Corrected

Back pain and neck pain which persists after surgery is relieved by spinal disc replacement in most cases, says leading spine surgeon.

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San Francisco, CA - “There are many reasons that a back surgery might be unsuccessful,” says Dr. Kenneth Light, a San Francisco spine surgeon. “Until very recently, the only course of treatment for many patients has been a spinal fusion procedure, done to stabilize the spine and to attempt to prevent further damage to the injured area. However, spinal fusion has a number of disadvantages including a variable loss of range of movement in the treated areas and, in many cases, recurring pain and further damage to the spine as time goes by.”

Dr. Light recently became one of the only physicians in the U.S. to successfully reverse a spinal fusion. Until recently, fusions have been considered to be permanent. “I believe that many spinal fusions should not be done as a first choice", says Dr. Light, who has been named an “Orthopedic and Spine Industry Leader to Know” by Becker’s Orthopedic, Spine & Pain Management Review.

Dr. Light’s first Spinal Fusion Reversal patient was a Northern California woman in her 40‘s who suffered a severe neck injury years earlier and underwent a “cervical”, or neck fusion procedure. The patient suffered from persistent pain for years after her surgery.

After examination, Dr. Light suggested that Spinal Fusion Reversal using spinal disc implants may relieve the chronic pain and prevent further damage to the surrounding vertebrae. The implants have been designed to maintain or restore range of motion in the spine. An additional benefit is a reduced recovery period for most patients. “It’s my belief that spinal disc replacement will replace most spinal fusion surgeries," says Dr. Light.

Dr. Light says that correcting a previous surgery can be challenging. “You must avoid causing any further injury to the injured areas,” he says. “Then you must start all over again to fix the original problem.”

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