Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Dr. Randall Weil Does A Mini Neck Liposuction In San Francisco TV News Story

San Francisco plastic surgeon Dr. Randall Weil shows ABC 7 News viewers how a minimally invasive "Mini Neck Lipo" procedure takes years off a woman's appearance in less than an hour.

Dr. Weil says that minimally invasive procedures, such as the “Mini-Neck Lipo”, are increasing in demand because a person can see noticeable improvements in her or his appearance with little or no downtime. "These 'mini' procedures also cost less than bigger procedures, and can be of benefit to the appropriate type of patient," says Dr. Weil. "For the Mini-Neck Lipo, it's best if someone has enough elasticity in the skin to allow it to tighten up nicely after the procedure," he says. Dr. Weil's patient in the story, "Terry" says "My neck bothered me. I was getting this fat area that I didn't like."

About Dr. Randall Weil:
Dr. Randall Weil is Board Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and he is certified by the American Board of Surgery in general surgery. Dr. Randall Weil is also licensed by the Medical Board of California as a physician and surgeon.

Dr. Randall Weil was the Chief of Plastic Surgery at St. Mary’s Medical Center of San Francisco for ten years; part of his responsibility in this position required that he review and approve other doctors in his field. Dr. Randall Weil's approval of a surgeon’s training and skills was required in order for him/her to become a staff member at St. Mary’s.


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