Thursday, August 18, 2011

NaturalFill® Lip Enhancement Adds Volume Without Synthetic Fillers.

Fat transfer to the lips provides long-term, natural-looking results.

Before & After NaturalFill® Lip Enhancement
34 year-old Brenna has tried the usual lip enhancement routine - injectable synthetic fillers that add volume, but look unnatural and disappear after a few months, requiring more expensive injections to be repeated endlessly. Now she's planning to have her own fat harvested from an unwanted area and have that natural fat placed in her lips using a specialized method that preserves the viability of the fat, resulting in a long-term solution for fuller but natural-looking lips.

Dr. Roger Bassin says a new process he has named "NaturalFill® Lip Enhancement" is done to harvest the fat without damaging it's viability to survive. Dr. Bassin says that the NaturalFill® process places allows the fat to remain and thrive long-term or permanently, resulting in a beautiful look that costs much less than undergoing repeated injections of synthetic fillers, which can also cause allergic reactions.
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