Monday, May 23, 2011

Got Hair? Dr. Paul Glat of Philadelphia talks about “NeoGraft” Hair Restoration.

Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Paul Glat is the first physician in Philadelphia to provide the NeoGraft hair transplant procedure. Hair is harvested without leaving a large linear scar, making the procedure ideal for women as well as men. 

"Hair follicles are gently lifted out of the scalp with a tiny instrument and gentle suction, and then placed into bald or thinning areas with reverse air pressure. The results are so  natural looking that many of the first patients were doctors," says Dr. Glat.

The NeoGraft, a new device for "harvesting" and transplanting hair eliminates the huge scar left in the back of the head by the conventional STRIP method of hair restoration. The NeoGraft can be used on men and women with virtually all degrees of hair loss in a fast
and minimally invasive procedure. "The results are an incredibly natural looking head of hair, which can be worn as short as desired because the hair is not harvested by cutting out a huge strip from the back of the person's head," says Dr. Glat.  "A complication sometimes seen with the "strip" surgery is a feeling the scalp is too tight from the suturing together of the scalp.  Sometimes permanent numbness in the area where the piece of scalp was removed occurs."

"NeoGraft has totally changed the way we do hair restoration," says Dr. Glat. "We have been able to use the NeoGraft  to perform procedures on patients who were not good candidates for a traditional procedure due to lack of donor site. Also, we have had numerous patients who never would have had hair restoration if they would had to have a long scar on the back of their head."
The NeoGraft device utilizes FUE* (Follicular Unit Extraction) to quickly and painlessly remove hair follicles from the back of the head and implant the follicles into the balding areas. Using gentle air pressure to smoothly slide out each hair follicle, there is no twisting, pulling or cutting, thus avoiding any damage. Then, the hairs are quickly implanted which maintains their viability and increases the success of the grafting process. 

The result is the maximum possible scalp coverage with no surgery, no linear scarring, minimal discomfort, fast recovery times and natural looking results.

"With NeoGraft, up to 1,500 grafts can be completed in a single day, making the process much easier on the patient," says Dr. Glat. Visit or call 610.980.4000.

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