Thursday, March 24, 2011

Back pain can sideline executives, says Dr. Kenneth Light.

Back pain and spinal injuries don't just cause pain and loss of mobility, they can affect a company's bottom line when an executive or entrepreneur is put out of action, says a spine surgeon. Alternatives to spinal fusion can preserve range of movement.

San Francisco, CA - Spine surgeon Dr. Kenneth Light specializes in restoring mobility and easing pain for people who are affected by back pain, spinal injuries or disease. He is known as the "doctor of last resort" for his innovative procedures including artificial disc replacement and spinal fusion reversal.

For anyone serving in an executive position or a person running his or her own business, the effects of downtime caused by back problems take on an added impact - lost revenue and productivity which can affect the entire business.

"It's critical for people in executive and managerial positions to be able to perform at their peak levels," says Dr. Light. "It's even more important to seek the right physician for diagnosis and a treatment plan the first time, as it is much more difficult for the surgeon to correct a prior procedure which has not yielded satisfactory results." A large portion of Dr. Lights cases consist of revisions.

Dr. Light recently performed the first spinal fusion reversal procedures in the United States, and routinely performs the latest artificial spinal disc replacement procedures to restore mobility and ease the pain of neck and back injuries and disease.


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